Sunday, February 24, 2008

Upgrading TFS 2005 to TFS 2008

At the company i work for, we are using Team Foundation Server 2005 for Workgroup Edition, since June 2007.

Two or three weeks ago, my team had experienced the most known issue of TFS 2005.

Two developers working on the same project, if both try to check out the same file at the same time, Visual Studio does not make the Get Latest Version on Checkout. This means that, when both developers change the contents of the file and try to check-in again, they will receive an alert to manually merge the differences on the content of the files.

After some googling, they've found that this issue was fixed on Team Foundation Server 2008. (more details here)

If you are using Visual Studio 2005, you can use this add-in, that basically runs a macro to get the latest version from TFS when you Checkout a file. But we're already using Visual Studio 2008 and unfortunnely the add-in doesn't work.

So, every day, and each time the situation happens, they ask me to upgrade to TFS 2008. Finally the day has arrived. Today, i've decided to upgrade to Team Foundation Server 2008.

Bellow, you can find a step by step guide to upgrade from TFS 2005 to TFS 2008.

1. Backup All TFS and Sharepoint Databases on SQL Server.
2. If present, remove Team System Web Access 2005 in Add/remove Programs on server Control Panel.
3. Check that you have the correct passwords for TFSSETUP and TFSSERVICE accounts.
4. Log-in with an account that belongs Team Foundation Server Licensed Users Group.
4. Install Team Foundation Server 2008.
5. Install Team Foundation Server 2008 Explorer.

Upgrade to Sharepoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3.0)
6. Run WSS Prescan tool. (check details here and download here)
      Check in the generated logfile for errors.
7. If no errors found, Install Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0
      Note: You need to specify a different port to Sharepoint Services Central Administration
8. Restart the server
9. Install Team Foundation Server Sharepoint Extensions
      Update the Url for Sharepoint, Reports and ReportServer
      The upgrade changes the WSS admin site URL. To make this change in TFS you can use TFSAdminUtil . Following is the command you can use.
TFSAdminUtil configureconnections /SharepointAdminUri:http://wssserver:adminport (more details here)

10. Install Team Foundation Build.
11. Install Team System Web Access 2008 (download).

In my installation, Team Foundation Server 2008 is working properly, but i can't access to my project portals in Sharepoint Services 3.0. I've checked the WSS Central Administration and i've noticed that Windows SharePoint Services Web Application is on status Upgrading.

If after upgrading to WSS 3.0 you are experiencing the same problem, run the following command:
stsadm -o provisionservice -action start -servicetype SPWebService

After this, i can now see the project portal, but since i'm using the Scrum for Team System (Cochango) template, i cannot see the graphics and reports. After all the work i was congratulated with the following message:

The Registry HKLM\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\TeamFoundation\ReportServer is not set

To fix this, open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\TeamFoundation\ReportServer. If you don't have the ReportServer entry add it. Now add a new String Value with the name Key, and the values should be the address of your reporting server, http://sol-tfs01:ReportServer in my case.

Everything is now up and running, and i'm very exciting to listen my developer team comments.

Hope this helps!

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guidol said...

Thanks! I had exactly the same problem with the reports. Adding the registry key did the trick.