Friday, March 7, 2008

TFS add-on list

If you are using Team Foundation Server, exists a set of tools that you should consider, at least take a look at them.

Bellow, you can find a list of my favorite ones, that i would like to share with you:

TFS File Sharer - Mimics SourceSafe like file sharing.

TFS Continuous Integrator - A TFS 2005 based continuous integration solution.  Of course, it's built in if you are using TFS 2008.

TFS Dependency replicator - A tool to make changes in the source tree when certain events occur (like copying files when a build completes).

TFS Build Virtualizer - Rather than having one physical machine for each team or build server configuration, manage a pool of virtual machines automatically.

SLR TFS Get Latest Version on Check-Out

Outlook 2003 TFS Addin

Team Foundation Server Administration Tool

Work Item Subscription Tool

Feel free to suggest others.


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